To DIY or to Not DIY: Why is the “do-it-yourself” philosophy becoming so popular?

2. Why is the “do-it-yourself” philosophy becoming so popular?
DIY has always been a popular option for professional practices – doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. – especially when it comes to areas of the practice where the practitioner has a ‘bit of knowledge’. Many say that ‘a little knowledge can be dangerous’, and in many DIY instances, it’s true! DIY is best left for gardening and car repairs (if you are an enthusiast), although I wouldn’t recommend changing brake drums and pads unless you are very confident in your ability.

Although many professionals bring in large incomes, the last thing they want to do is spend that income on what may be considered extraneous and superfluous expenses. This includes outreach to patients, marketing, business development (“what is that?” they might ask), and many other practice related areas including websites, social media and networking.

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