Focusing on issues of emerging communication technologies, Pat develops innovative marketing and PR campaigns and offers CraneCreek's clients practical counsel in an increasingly mobile social world.

D. Patrick Fallis

Pat Fallis manages client campaigns, technical operations and develops “value added” opportunities for the agency’s clients. 

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, government services and business development marketplace, he develops effective opportunities for organizations around the world.

Mr. Fallis also writes and lectures about the use of technology in communications and guiding client development across a wide range of business interests.

Current Foci

  • Managing regional, national and international projects including promotional/media tours, branding campaigns, product and website launches and special events.
  • Developing branding strategies and tactics to establish effective corporate and product positioning.
  • Guiding the development and marketing of an industry leading database system for public relations professionals.
  • Developing image building opportunities, and “value added” product and service options for all clients.
  • Hosting a series of “best practices workshops” to focus both corporate communication practices and strategic relationships.
  • Instructing clients on building profit and synergy by leveraging technology and effective business practices.
  • Producing, editing and writing for technology and communications focused publications.