Lifestyle business is about selling aspirations.

We know that if you sell lifestyle products and services, then you want discerning customers. Perception of your brand drives value, so let Crane Creek show you how to build value through focused, targeted approaches to demand generation, customer acquisition and customer service.


Rogers & Cowan

Task: Find and quantify the “influencers” for several high-profile campaigns.

Bottom Line: We did all the media/influencer research for their top-tier clients like JLo and Marc Anthony lines for Kohl’s, Kobo eReader, MemoryLane, Avon Voices and developed ranking algorithms to “rank” the influence of each media outlet relative to the others.

Also did significant pitching for MemoryLane and Avon Voices.

Kendal Catering Company

Task: Stop the freefall of revenue and profits, rebrand the four different venues and make them ‘trendy’ again.

Bottom Line: We did just that, not only did we relaunch the business and turn them from loss to profit, but also we launched a group wide loyalty card program to encourage visits to the other venues (many visitors never knew there was more than one place to go before we ‘educated’ them).