CraneCreek Communications’ customers — individuals and organizations of all sizes in healthcare, high tech, business, publishing, professional services and not-for-profit —have a lot to say...

What People Say

It’s a diverse group that has one thing in common: all have benefited from Crane Creek’s high-value marketing and promotion solutions.

Diana Lena Mirakaj
Chief Marketing Officer – BTM Corporation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephen since 2005 while he was at Pearson managing the publicity campaign for our book, Winning the 3-Legged Race. Following that, we hired him for our corporate PR efforts and as a result he became an invaluable member of our team.

Loyalty, reliability, and honesty are steadfast qualities that define him professionally and personally.

Tom DiClemente
Change Agent and Value Creator – hField Technologies

Stephen’s contributions to hField Technologies’ growth have been almost unimaginable.

hField is a startup in a super-populated and cutthroat space – WiFi devices and software. Stephen’s grasp of our technology, our competitive edge, and our needs was astounding. He was up to speed as soon as he started. There are much more established companies in hField’s space that clamor for and get the attention of the media. Yet, Stephen has an unbelievable knack for getting a young startup the mindshare it needs – from a wide range of journalists and reviewers – to generate interest and demand from the Consumer.

I would recommend Stephen to anyone, wholeheartedly.

Andrew Stanten
President at Altitude Marketing

Stephen’s forward thinking approach to public relations constantly has him on the leading edge for promoting his clients. He is a great sounding board, counselor and executioner. His candid advice is always delicately balanced with professionalism and a conviction for doing right by his clients.

I have hired Stephen many times over the past 15 years and whenever an opportunity arises where we need to outsource to a true PR pro with a firm grasp for raising the profile of people or product in the blogosphere, he is the first person I call.

Stan Zukowski
Vice President, Altitude Marketing

Stephen has a very cutting-edge approach to PR. He’s thoroughly versed in using the Internet as a vehicle for generating high-value hits and qualified leads for clients.

In particular, his knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the blogosphere opened up entirely new avenues of promotion for us. In the old days it used to be a top-down promotional world. He helped us realize that in many ways it’s now a bottom-up world when it comes to getting the word out about client products and services.

Liz Pulliam Weston
Personal Finance Columnist

Pearson hired Stephen to publicize my second book, and I wound up putting him on retainer after that. Stephen gets the importance of responding to deadline-crazed journalists quickly and with the information they need. He also understands the expanding role of new media in publicizing books and other projects.

I recommend Stephen to anyone who’s trying to get the word out about their work.