Non-Profits need every bit of marketing support available and usually without the costs associated with outsourcing. Crane Creek helps Non-Profit organizations with marketing, PR, Fundraising and Communications strategies. We help raise your organization's profile, your revenues and your connection to friends, followers, fans and donors.


EOD Undefeated Ride Celebrating the EOD Warrior Foundation

Task: Rebrand an established charity event for the EOD Warrior Foundation by creating a new site for them, driving a content strategy designed to appeal to a wider audience, and to earn media coverage for the event.

Bottom Line: After a widely received relaunch of the site, donations increased significantly (from $210K to over $310K, year over year) and the event had more significant media coverage that any year before.

For 2013, we developed and redesigned the Ride’s sponsorship appeal and continuously update the site with fresh content and updates.

Ludus Dance

Task: Over more than 30-years, Ludus Dance built a reputation as one of the world’s premier providers of dance in education services. As an organization, when we were engaged by Ludus for a long-term re-branding and strategy development project, Ludus was still overly reliant on public funding and private trusts to pay staff, operating overheads and outreach costs.

Bottom Line: By redesigning their outreach strategy, changing their marketing and communications program and launching new cost controls relevant to the overall marketing and business operations, we were able to help Ludus transform from public funding dependent to generating a surplus of nearly $50,000 within one-year.

Brewery Arts

Task: The Brewery Arts Centre needed to rebrand and relaunch their ‘trading divisions’. These businesses were the ‘profit’ making operations — the food and drink outlets both within and outside of the non-profit centre — that generated a significant proportion of operating revenues. The decline in revenue and profits were jeapordizing the ability of the arts center to stay open. We were hired to ensure the businesses arrested their declining revenues and generated more profits so the arts centre could deliver the wide-range of eclectic programming that made it such a successful brand and destination.

Bottom Line: We were tasked with re-branding the venues and deliver the results needed to generate the significantly higher profits needed to underwrite the non-profit operations. Within 12-months, not only had we rebranded the outlets (operated by the wholly owned subsidiary, Kendal Catering Company) but also helped generate a $364,000 increase in profit while securing more than 2500 loyalty card holders in a new program, designed, delivered and launched by us.